Friday, May 20, 2016

Green dress for summer

Actually my first dress for a human. Have knitted for toys but never for humans (or animals):=)
//Mu esimene kleit mille ise heegeldasin lapse jaoks. Pole kunagi varem kellegile peale nukkuda heegeldanud:) Päris uhke oma saavutuse üle. Kugi kleit pole kõige parem, olen siiski palju vaeva näinud ja tulemusega rahul.

Pretty proud of my work. Yes it's not perfect but I do like it!

My russian craft-blog:

3 almost same dresses for summer + hat

So some time ago when I finished a #greendress for my daughter, found another nice pattern for a dress to made and so there's the resaults. Also made a little hat to it.
// Lisaks eelnevalt heegeldatud rohelisele kleidile #greendress sai heegeldatud ka veel üks lilla kleidike (kübaraga) pisitütrele.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

You're mine Dark!...

Were my words when I finally finished it in the middle of the night (had time to saw only at nights, so there were many of them). It was done for my dear and special friend Dark Arlett. That's a demiurg. Not the best work. But it's my first plush ever. Don't remember that I've done any at school or so at all.

Thanks Shannon Symons for patterns that can be found here:
Youtube tutorial of how to saw it:

My results:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Knitted amiguri ape

Since next year 2016 will be Ape year I decided to make a gift for my almost 6 month old child. By that time she will be 7 month old but she already is interested in toys and like soft ones. So here it is 44 cm long knitted ape:) Used this instruction Will make one in english soon but not today.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Knitting an amiguri wolf

Something I haven't done a long time ago. Yes, not perfect but it's my first toy since ever. Done all kind of things but not toy. And besides, he was done to make my wolf collection a bit bigger, cause hard to get in stores some wolf-toy. Mostly foxes or dogs. And getting a wolf thro e-bay or amazon... cost to much. Ok, so here it goes.

How to make one: instruction in Russian